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All Integrated Petrophysics courses available in whole, part or re-assembled. Delivered via Zoom or similar. Live or canned sessions. These are the best petrophysics courses at the best rates. PETROPHYSICS Pty Ltd leads in solving petrophysical problems by assessing all information, including conflicts, within a systematic, proven and collaborative framework. The solution is definitive, transparent and convincing.

Do you have a petrophysically related problem? Allow me to simplify and resolve it for you. Feel free to contact us for more informatiion about petrophysics consultant & training.

Mentor / Advisor

General information or detailed step-by-step education on almost any reservoir, any topic within mainstream petrophysics, including:

-- critical drilling mud properties
-- crucial data acquisition to your own reservoir
-- compared to center
-- that logs to operate
-- special core analysis (SCAL) app design
-- the way to incorporate legacy SCAL with specific logs
-- positive rapid look petrophysics without PetroDB-Vault
-- PetroDB-Vault rock-typed pseudo cored wells
-- shaly sands
-- complicated fractured carbonate detailed field research
-- checking and building geo-models
-- frequent usage criteria collections for smooth < Petrophysics ? Geomodel > move
-- Parallel Petrophysical Coaching

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